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How to – Rebuilding and Upgrading your SCX10 shocks

Maintenance is a huge part of the R/C hobby. Proper maintenance is vital for the longevity of your R/C truck. Neglected parts wear out and usually take other components with them. For this article we will go over how to clean and rebuild stock SCX10 shocks. While we have the shocks apart we will be upgrading the shock pistons to Axial's licensed Icon Vehicle Dynamics SCX10 pistons. If you have a newer SCX10 vehicle, then chances are you already have these machined Delrin shock pistons. If you have an older SCX10 the machined pistons are an excellent upgrade. The machined pistons have a more p

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Custom 1/6th Scale Jeep Willys Build – Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of our custom Jeep Willys build. After months of cutting, trimming, grinding and sanding it's officially time to add some paint to our Willys body! We will re-attach the chassis and axles to the body, install the LED lights, add some scale details and wrap this build up! Time to dig in!   For paint we wanted a different color than what you would normally see. So, we headed off to the hardware store to see what we could find for colors in a plastic safe paint. We ended up leaving with a "Satin Moss Green" colored paint from Rust-oleum. It is a paint and prime

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Custom 1/6th Scale Jeep Willys Build – Part 3

Welcome to part three of our 1/6th scale Jeep Willys build! For this part of our custom scale build we will go over how we installed the LED lights, fabricated our roll cage and added rock sliders to help protect the body. We will also give you a look at some of the body work we did to give our Willys a more realistic look. As we have stated before we are doing this entire build with basic hand tools and mostly off the shelf parts. We have fabricated a few parts along the way, but they are all very basic items. Let's dive in a take a look at what we did during part three of our Jeep Willys b

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Custom 1/6th Scale Jeep Willys Build – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our custom 1/6th scale Jeep Willys build. For this installment we will cover how we went about the drivetrain installation. More specifically, how we managed to shoehorn the transfer case between the SCX10 skid plate and the body. We will also cover the electronics we are going to use and install some driveshafts. Our biggest decision on this part of the build was what are we going to use for a transfer case? Initially we were going to use one of the 1:1 ratio scale transfer cases available on the market. That decision changed at the last minute though as we decided to

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CKRC Hobbies First Look – Axial Bomber RR10!

Axial started quite the buzz with their latest release, the Bomber RR10! The Bomber is a scale version of the two-time King of The Hammers championship buggy driven by Randy Slawson. Randy is also the owner of Bomber Fabrication, which manufactures and sells the 1:1 version of this rock racer. Axial teamed up with Bomber Fabrication to bring the scale R/C crowd the most realistic rock racer to hit the market to date! Rather than introduce a run of the mill generic looking tube buggy to the R/C scene, Axial set out to bring you a true miniature rock racer! The Bomber RR10 features solid axl

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Custom 1/6th Scale Jeep Willys Build – Part 1

Lexan bodies are by far the most popular option when it comes to R/C cars and trucks. They are straight forward to paint, trim and mount. They are also lightweight and can take a pretty severe beating without showing much wear. But, for the hardcore scale enthusiasts Lexan bodies usually fall short in the detail department. Which is why a lot of scale builders turn to hard plastic bodies for their custom builds. Hard bodies usually have a lot more detail externally and internally. They also allow you to add more scale details, as most have complete interiors including seats, dash gauges, shif

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CKRC Hobbies – Axial Jeep Nukizer Build

Last month we posted our "Paint Tips" blog utilizing an Axial Jeep Nukizer body. This month we spent some time shooting and editing video of this build for the CKRC Hobbies YouTube Channel. For this blog entry we decided to show you what's under that bright red Nukizer body. It is just a basic build that anyone can replicate using an Axial SCX10 chassis. We will show some body off shots and give a little detail inside the build itself. So, let's dive in and see what is going on under there! Don't forget you can click on any photo to see a larger version too.   This overa

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How to – Tips for Painting Lexan Bodies

What is the first thing that catches your eye when you see a fresh R/C build? Chances are it is the body, and most likely the paint job on the body. A cleanly painted body can really make any build stand out from the crowd! Paint schemes don't have to be overly complicated to be appealing to the eye either. Sometimes less is better, especially is the "scale" R/C world. Most scale builds are created to replicate a vehicle you would see on the streets or off road trails, not a "show" vehicle that is rarely driven on public streets. For this month's tech article we will cover painting tips for

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0 R/C Tires 101 - Tips on Gluing

R/C Tires 101 – Tips on Gluing

Gluing tires is just part of the R/C hobby. It is not a glorious task by any means, but it is necessary in general. More and more companies are manufacturing beadlock wheels, which is great for the scale scene! But, beadlocks may not be optimal for some R/C scenarios. Racing is one example, buggies and trucks on a race track want the lightest tire and wheel combo possible for acceleration and overall top speed. Beadlocks, in general, are usually heavier so it really isn't a viable option for the race scene. Another example is our Yeti XL RTR, we run 6S through this beast a lot and some beadlo

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0 The winners of our "Treasure Hunt" on the CKRC sponsored Recon G6 course!

CKRC Hobbies attends Axialfest 2015!

CKRC Hobbies attended Axialfest 2015 last month! We had an amazing time for the entire week we were there. The Axial and Recon G6 crews had their hands full with over 600 pre-registered drivers. And a final tally of over 700 drivers by the time the weekend came to an end! Needless to say everyone had a great time with more scale R/C action than should be legal in one weekend! It was great too see everyone again, as well as meet so many new R/C enthusiasts. Thanks to everyone that participated in our extra curricular activities throughout the weekend! The BBQ and “Dollar Dash” events were a

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