CKRC Hobbies First Look – Axial Bomber RR10!

Axial started quite the buzz with their latest release, the Bomber RR10! The Bomber is a scale version of the two-time King of The Hammers championship buggy driven by Randy Slawson. Randy is also the owner of Bomber Fabrication, which manufactures and sells the 1:1 version of this rock racer. Axial teamed up with Bomber Fabrication to bring the scale R/C crowd the most realistic rock racer to hit the market to date! Rather than introduce a run of the mill generic looking tube buggy to the R/C scene, Axial set out to bring you a true miniature rock racer! The Bomber RR10 features solid axles front and rear utilizing Axial’s AR60 axles, with a few new and improved updates. Realistic trailing arm suspension out back, with licensed aluminum King coil over shocks, and the ability to add a second set of shocks for the ultimate scale look!! The Bomber even includes licensed BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2 tires. With awesome looks that will surely match performance, we think this appealing new prospect with do well in the current scale market! Let’s dive in and take a closer look!



The Bomber RR10 looks great, sitting still or moving! We really like the overall look with the graphics and paint scheme! The molded Lexan dash, driver figures and styrene helmets are a nice scale touch. We also like the size of the Bomber, which is comparable to a standard Axial Wraith. The RR10 fits into the “not too small” and “not too big” category for us. Don’t get us wrong we love our 1.9 scalers, but the bigger 2.2 sized rigs are just fun to bash with. The bigger size usually means it will be a little more capable with the terrain gets rough! Overall width on the bomber is 11.250″ and it measures in at 22″ long.



Race ready? Almost! As with any RTR R/C vehicle you always want to take a few minutes and give it a once over before slapping that battery in and grabbing a handful of throttle. Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the vehicle. Grab your tools and give everything a quick look, check the torque on the wheel nuts, check random fasteners to ensure everything is tightened up properly. Last thing you want to do is take your new rig out for its virgin run, only to have a part fall off and end your day of anticipation with disappointment.



A shot of the underbelly of the beast! Notice this is an all new chassis and skid plate, not another re-badged Wraith.



Got scale details? The RR10 does! The scale crowd will love the small extra scale details Axial put into the Bomber, such as the molded oil pan and engine pulleys pictured above.



More detail! Molded inner fenders, which double as the battery box. Also notice the molded plastic shock reservoirs. Nice touch!



Molded plastic mesh meets the new chassis skid. Only dislike we have here is the upper link screws at the chassis are blocked by this little detail. We will just drill an access hole when the time comes to upgrade to metal links.



Awesome molded scale fuel cell hiding under the functional spare tire. Aluminum long travel shocks licensed by King Off Road. You can also see the new differential cover, and revised link mounts on the AR60 axle too.



One of our favorite details! The BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2 tires are spot on replicas of their full-sized counter part, right down to the sidewall lugs! The Bomber also features licensed Walker Evans Racing wheels too.



The Walker Evans wheels look great! We love the all black look! You can see here Axial did away with the beadlocks on the RR10, so the wheels and tires are glued. The tire foams, factory breather holes and tire compound seem to be dialed in for the weight of this rig by our initial impressions.



The battery compartment is located under the factory hood, which folds up for easy access after removing two body clips.



The RR10 comes standard with a “Deans style” battery connector, which we like a lot!



The Bomber has ample suspension to smooth out the roughest scale terrain! A shot at full droop.



A shot at full compression.



One thing we noticed here is that the steering servo hit the molded webbing on the front bumper at full compression. It doesn’t hit by much, but it was limiting the travel of the front axle. Because the weight of the battery is over the front, we decided to trim the webbing a little with an X-acto. Minor problem solved!



The rear has even more travel than the front! Full droop.



Full compression. The rear of the cage does touch the axle just before the shocks bottom out, but it is a none issue unless you plan to jump this rig off your house. Under normal scale use the rear axle most likely will never make contact with the cage because there is so much travel.




A few poser shots outdoors. The Bomber also features Axial’s new 35t water resistant motor, Tactic 3-channel radio and receiver, Tactic 151oz metal gear servo and Axial’s 3S compatible waterproof AE-5 ESC. Which makes for a great package out of the box. Axial also revised the steering knuckles to add more beef and give them a cleaner look. The Bomber has an optional 2 speed transmission kit available from Axial as well. Add all this up and you have an awesome package right out of the box, with tons of upgrade potential already on the market. We can’t wait to hit the trail with this rock racer! We think it is a winner already, and expect the driving experience to match the great looks. Keep an eye out for video coming soon as we drive it for the first time. We also plan to load this Bomber up with a lot of aftermarket parts and document everything along the way for our blog. Stay tuned and keep wrenching!


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