Back And Fourth

Back And Fourth
From idea to internet to forum to thread to page by page seems like such an easy concept until that concept becomes an obsession.
Many, many, MANY pictures later and an incalculable amount of forum information absorbed but it seemed no resolution had been met. Basic ideas and perceptions were no good without hands on knowledge and experience. Diving in to a new kit seemed to be a bit of a waste at the time as it seemed a few modifications and upgrades were needed. Luckily a local online sales spot had a few used rigs available at the price I was looking for.
Now, I’m not saying a new Ready To Run rig isn’t worth the price. With competition between RC companies growing at an incredible rate it’s hard not to find a well featured Ready To Run Kit at incredible prices. Competition between companies stokes sparks of innovation and lower pricing. It’s hard not to purchase an RTR kit to build upon or use as a donor for a semi-custom rig.
But at the time funds really weren’t in place for a new RTR kit. The first lot purchased was more in line with a competition style crawler. It was fun to climb everything in sight (and then some). Yet, that scale feel wasn’t quite met.
After a little more looking, it was found. The first “scaler” of many. The test subject of many theories and formulations. The robber of sleep and sanity.
Staying low buck wasn’t really an issue as a few durable upgrades were included as were extra parts and batteries to run the kit.
Staying low involvement was not an option.




0 52C62-MadFire-Green-11


Thirdsies     Ripping, dusty, smoking, oily f

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