Recently my son shared an experience with me that I had hoped would happen just as it did.
Working toward my fourth year in the hobby, there has been but one new touring car kit through my hands in that time. Sure, many new parts have been on the table. Even an entire rigs worth of parts at one point in time. But never a new crawler kit or ready to run kit.

So what brought about this purchase?

I’d never been much of a hobby guy until about ten years ago. For a single guy with a little disposable income looking for an exciting outdoor activity, technical and adventurous aspects, my chosen hobby was a great one.

Having a previous “hobby” interest wasn’t only a grand experience, it was a journey of self realization and assessment. Perhaps the oddest realization was when I had a “hobby”, something previously unexperienced. Assessment was an ongoing thing. But when the assessment was that my hobby became unpaid work, things changed.

In the time that I delved deeper in my previous hobby many changes happened. Duties at my employment increased, family issues came to a head, my awesome girlfriend became my wife, our first son was born, and our dream of buying our first house became a reality. Though “family” was reinforced in the hobby gatherings and activities, restrictions on age and physical capability kept my young family on the sidelines. At the time, economic downturn set in hard for the local hobby industry. Small shops closed, local retailers reduced their offerings, consumable product became harder to access, and sanctioned meeting places disappeared.

Combining all these factors left few alternatives and few choices other than to move on.

But enough with the hum drum and depressive tone. What was over the horizon definitely cured the loss of a precious hobby gone by.



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