Love of the Hobby

Love of the Hobby:
I just recently received a micro Losi Trail Trekker for my birthday, and I must say, it was quite a surprise! I have wanted one of these little guys since the day they were released! Other projects took precedence, as they often do, so the micro got pushed back in my mind, until now!

I immediately charged the battery! I wanted to see what this little bad boy could do! I have seen a lot of pictures of these micro’s but never any video.

Once I knew the battery was charged, I threw the plugs together, and searched for the on/off switch. It was mounted on the ESC upside down, under the chassis. I sigh with frustration as I try to jam my sausage finger up into the chassis trying to flip the switch on. Once I move the little black lever, the front wheels snapped straigh and the little beast came to life. I grinned like I just got the Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

I set it down on the table, grabbed the gigantic controller, in contrast to the micro that is, and squeezed the throttle slowly to see if the trail trekker was a true crawler, and it moved ever so slightly with a little pull of the throttle. It was over after that. I was climbing everything on the table, remotes, books, clothes, pens, etc.. It was AWESOME!! I couldn’t believe how well this thing was climbing and moving around all the obstacles. First impressions are everything, and I must say, I was hooked from first pull.

Now fast forward two days, it is in a semi-transformation! Do we ever leave well enough alone??? NEVER! I decided to dig out all my old model kits I used to build and see if I could find one that would fit. I tried all the bodies I had, Bronco, Scout, 93 F150, 88 Blazer etc.. I settled on an 80’s Chevy short bed single cab. The length was perfect, and half of the parts I would need from the model kit were already painted. Score one for the lazy painter!

After finishing up all the other painting details, I could now install all the body accessories to complete the new body. A new cab interior went in, I also chopped the cab floorboards to fit over the front shock towers that are molded into the chassis and it set the body lower on the chassis.

As I finish up this project, I am already looking forward to starting my next project! This hobby has so many exciting avenues to take, and I believe we all have room, and free range on what we want to do. So, don’t hold back, build, create, and show the world what you can build!!!

Trevor Rushford
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