Ripping, dusty, smoking, oily fumes and puffs really sparked a crazy interest in the hobby. An hour of preparation for ten minutes of driving really seemed to be lacking. Something told me that the secondhand nitro powered short course truck may not have been the best buy.
Bound and determined to drive, hours of reading and preparation quickly turned to days. When driving day happened again a new vigor for driving was eventually quashed by a new quandary. With no limit on time and no shortage of fuel the very driving subject itself was limiting. Atmospheric conditions in the Nevada desert became the biggest limiting factor and drive time less gratifying. The inability to drive or test run at any time of the day, lack of available parts or support, and not being able to participate with my then two year old son seemed to become the same old hobby in a different form.
The initial search for a rig pointed me to a 1/8 scale nitro powered short course style truck. Awesome scale-ish look and driving was more appealing than Truggy with huge tires or a dainty buggy. But, in searching for a scale style rig, new discoveries were made. A lifelong interest that never materialized became a reality in more ways than one.
Enter the scale crawler!


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