CKRC Hobbies – Axial Jeep Nukizer Build


Last month we posted our “Paint Tips” blog utilizing an Axial Jeep Nukizer body. This month we spent some time shooting and editing video of this build for the CKRC Hobbies YouTube Channel. For this blog entry we decided to show you what’s under that bright red Nukizer body. It is just a basic build that anyone can replicate using an Axial SCX10 chassis. We will show some body off shots and give a little detail inside the build itself. So, let’s dive in and see what is going on under there! Don’t forget you can click on any photo to see a larger version too.



This overall body off shot shows how basic this build is. We do plan on adding inner fenders to the rear using styrene at some point. Inner fenders definitely complete the look of any scale build, especially when shooting photos and video from a low perspective! The chassis itself is an old MSD Ute chassis, which has solid aluminum rails. The rest is mostly Axial based, including the SCX10 skid plate and shock towers.



For tires and wheels we wanted scale looks with good performance. The 1.9 wheels are OMF beadlocks from Vanquish Products. They are super scale and extremely easy to make changes to, as far as changing tire and foam set-ups! The 1.9 tires are licensed Falken Wildpeak MT’s from Axial. The scale appearance and performance of this tire is tough to beat! We really dig the look this combo gives our little red Nukizer!



We installed an EXO radiator with fans out front for scale bonus points. It is completely hidden with the Jeep body, but it was partially visible with our old body. The radiator is tied to a frame crossmember with M3 hardware. We cut up an old RTR Honcho bed for the diamond plate cover under the radiator, which again was visible before the body change. The front bumper is a solid aluminum MSD bumper.



The front inner fenders were constructed out of flat plastic sheet we had laying around. We used more bits from that cut honcho bed here too, just to try and stop tire debris from slinging up inside the body in wet conditions.



Out back we have another MSD aluminum bumper complete with an oversized recovery shackle. We found a few “large scale” stainless steel d-rings at Ace hardware. We attached one using a couple Axial rod ends that are attached to the frame. Simple and easy!



The electronics are mostly all Axial RTR. AE-5 ESC mated to a 27t motor. Stock steering servo with an aluminum servo horn. Gearing on the transmission is 12/87. The mid-mounted Axial battery plate holds a 5000 mah 3S Lipo. Radio is a Futaba 4PK with an R604FS four channel receiver.



Under chassis shot shows the SCX10 skid plate and aluminum suspension links. The electronics trays are thin cutting board shaped to fit the two areas needed, and attached with stock SCX10 rock slider mounts.


Click here to see the CKRC Hobbies Axial Jeep Nukizer in Action!


That’s the basics of our Jeep Nukizer build. Overall we are very happy with the performance and looks. We may swap to a little slower motor for better low speed throttle resolution in tight technical terrain. But, for general scale trail running and bashing this thing performs great as is!






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