Colors Of Christmas

Colors Of Christmas

As I lay here stretching before getting out of bed a discussion of gift giving and receiving came up on Facebook. One lucky youngster was finally getting his own trail truck under the tree and his excited daddy couldn’t wait to give it. The question: What was the favorite toy you ever received for Christmas?

Pondering, I set this wireless device on my chest and look up at the ceiling of our bedroom. Not a scenario I ever dreamed could or would happen; married with two handsome, strong, smart sons and owning a home. The question harkened back over the years and two really notable gifts stood out.

Mid-ponder our eldest son toddles in having just woke from a long nights sleep. Laying down next to me I stroke his hair as I gather the thoughts and this is what I tell him:

“While we were growing up our family never had much money. I was a year older than you when we lived with my sisters dad (my step dad) and his family in Lemon Valley. We all lived in a trailer and I was very unhappy living there. That year we got all kinds of little presents and handmade things but my favorite was the big box of crayons with the crayon sharpener on the back. There were so many colors and picking a favorite was difficult. I remember that periwinkle, silver, gold, brick red, and forest green were the most fantastic colors ever put to Dime Store coloring books.”

As he lay there listening reverently I couldn’t help but add the story of why his uncle was gifted a brand new ready to run trail truck this Christmas:

“After several tries of asking for radio controlled cars your Uncle Bubba (my younger brother) finally got one that didn’t  require using reverse to turn. (Some toy grade RCs of the time turned only direction and only in reverse, fun huh? The mechanics were demonstrated to him with my hands)  He was nice enough to share and even left it with me when he went to visit his dad. Eventually something happened and it ended up broken. I felt really bad for breaking it and even worse when I couldn’t fix it. I never thought I would ever be able to replace it.”

Asking no questions and making no remarks my son smiles and lays quietly for a few minutes before his mother calls. As he leaves I consider that the idea behind the initial question is less about what we give or receive and more about what we share with others. Sharing those moments could be the greatest experiences I’ve ever known.

Holiday season or not I wish everyone peace and joy regardless of the good, bad, or ugly in the world.



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